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It takes experience and passion to care for rugs. We have devoted ourselves to rug cleaning in Brisbane and continue to strive for excellence in a manner that can only be described as obsessive love for our craft. Every precious hand knotted carpet entrusted to us is a work of art which has been created with skill and devotion.

It is sometimes taken for granted that many of the weavings we tread over on a daily basis are in fact a woven encapsulation of the history and culture of a tribe or ethnic minority. Unlike many of the material possesions we covet and collect in modern life, a rug cannot be judged on the basis of it’s monetary value alone.

An antique Turkmen tribal rug with a simple allover repeating gul pattern can be treasured as equally as an eye wateringly expensive wool on silk Isfahan city rug, boasting 600 knots per square inch and an elaborate design of arabesque vines proudly tagged with the master’s woven signature. The city rug’s value, while justified by the time and skill required to produce such an intricate and fine masterpiece, is created with a commercial motive that is trumped by the love and cultural symbolism that a tribal weaver imbeds in every rug she produces. It is this understanding which compels us to take the greatest care and attention when cleaning or repairing every rug that our clients assign to us.


We will firstly Thoroughly Vacuum the Rug to remove any Loose bits of Dirt and Dust particles.

We will then Pre-Treat the Rug to Loosen and Lift any Stains or Spills that may be on the Rug. Sometimes Spills can’t even be seen as they Penetrate deep into the Rug’s Fibers but with this Pre-Treatment it helps bring these Spills to the surface.

Then our highly Powerful Steam Pro Hot Water Extraction Machine comes into play. this machine is truly Amazing and is the most up to date Rug Cleaner available. It can reach an Amazing Temperature of 120 Degrees, this ensures that all nasty Bacteria and Germs are Killed whilst not Harming the fibers in any way. This machine allows us to mix our Shampoos and Products in with the water that cleans the Rug, and has a second Pipe that will suck the Dirty water straight back out leaving the Rug not too Wet.

Once this stage has been Complete we will use Professional Spot Treatment on any remaining Stains. This is used for all those Extra stubborn stains that are really Embedded into the fibres.

There is one more Stage that we can offer for an Additional price. It’s a Protection service to maintain the fibres inbetween cleans. This product is called Scotchguard. It acts as an Invisible Barrier fighting against Stains and Wear and Tear. It’s not completely Waterproof but does help Preventing the Stains from Penetrating the deeper fibres. The final stage is to simply leave the Rug to completely Dry. We Recommend 2-3 Hours depending on the Temperature of the room.

If you’re looking for specialist rug cleaning in Brisbane you have a large choice of companies to choose from. Or do you?

There are certainly many companies offering rug cleaning as a service but can they meet the criteria below?

Passion – The spark which ignites excellence

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

I live and breath rugs. We’ve been involved in carpet care for our entire adult lives and probably always will. It’s passion that continues to push us towards excellence in an industry filled with mediocrity.

How Do You Describe Passion?

I love the feeling I get when I’m shown a rug by a client that hasn’t been washed in years and they ask me something like ‘Will it improve much?’ or ‘Do you think the rug will look brighter after it’s been cleaned? My mind flashes forward to me delivering the rug back and seeing the look on my customer’s face when I lay it out on their floor. I get excited about cleaning the rug before I’ve even loaded it on the van. To me that is passion.

Rug Care Certifications

The rug cleaning certifications we’ve earned are a testament to the dedication we have to our industry. We’re proud to be able to produce evidence that we offer specialist rug cleaning in Brisbane.

Why is Washing Rugs So Satisfying?

Washing rugs is only half the job, although watching ugly ducklings transform into beautiful swans is extremely satisfying. Who wouldn’t be proud to see an old tired looking rug showing it’s true colours again? There’s also meeting new and existing clients (some of whom are really interesting), asking about the history of their rugs, giving rug care advice and providing a service that enhances our reputation. This creates a virtuous cycle of more clients and more beautiful rugs brought back to their former glory.

Your Rugs Are Safe With Us

Our number one priority once we have taken possession of a client’s rug is ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST. What does this mean? It means we are more than just a company that offers specialist rug cleaning in Brisbane. We are a company that is dedicated to looking after your rugs from door to door..

Our insurance covers us for absolutely any eventuality, from when rugs are in our van (goods in transit cover) to when they are being washed (treatment risk) and when they are stored before re-delivery.
The integrity of your rug is more important to us than impressing you with the results we can achieve. The carpet care industry is full of overzealous cleaners who’s main concern is getting fringes as white as possible or removing a certain stain at any cost. This is not the correct approach to adopt when washing rugs. No technique or treatment should ever take place if it will be detrimental to the life of the rug. We have the experience and skill to know how to get the balance right without overstepping the line from thorough to gung-ho.

Specialist Rug Cleaning in Brisbane – Testimonials

We have a huge client list of loyal and happy Brisbane residents who have been kind enough to offer words of praise to help our business to grow. Please take a look at our client testimonials and google reviews

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We believe in providing quality services at affordable prices. We strive to provide outstanding service with consistency and commitment.

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