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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Spotclean Services is a Brisbane-based provider of carpet cleaning for commercial and office spaces. We allow you to benefit from the expertise of local professionals, upholding international cleaning standards. Any business, regardless of its field or size, can rely on us for an efficient and effective carpet cleaning services!

As a fully licenced and well-established provider of cleaning services, we take great pride in our ability to deliver premium results at an affordable price. Amongst our long list of happy clients, you will find a large number of successful businesses, both big and small.

Known for our expedient work procedures and effective methodologies, we at, Spotclean Services, have also adopted a firm stance on preserving the environment and upkeeping the international eco-friendly standards. When it comes to ensuring the well-being of our fellow citizens, we make no compromises. These qualities, spearheaded by the devout dedication of our fully vetted, trained and equipped teams, have allowed us to become the premier choice for a multitude of business leaders throughout Brisbane.

Here are some great reasons why carpet cleaning is a great option for your Brisbane business:

  • traffic! Everyday your carpets are walked on, stomped on, spilled on and generally abused. With so many people coming and going, it is not always possible to catch and clean stains right away. Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to remove stains and keep carpets looking fresh for longer.
  • We can provide barriers and protection to prevent future damage. At here are some great reasons why Spotclean Services, we stay ahead of the latest in carpet protection products. We can treat your commercial carpets with quality sealants to ensure that each cleaning lasts longer. This will also prevent tough stains from setting in between cleanings.
  • Personalized estimates are available to meet your unique business needs. Regularly cleaning carpets can prevent more expensive replacements needed down the road. We understand that businesses have strict budgets to follow. That is why we work with each business individually to come determine fair and honest estimates for services. Whether you need a one-time cleaning, or are interested in arranging regular annual or bi-annual cleanings, we offer quality services at affordable prices for carpet cleaning in Brisbane.

In a business environment, carpets need much more than daily vacuuming. Often, carpets are replaced due to dirt and staining but this can be a premature reaction and a needless waste of money. Although you vacuum your carpets yourself, using a commercial carpet cleaning service will achieve a far deeper cleaning result.

Regular vacuuming along with the use of the crevice tool to reach difficult corners is indeed easy to do on your own, but this will not remove all the dirt that is embedded deep within the fibres. Simply vacuuming will not help you get rid of the blemishes caused by spills – this calls for a special carpet cleaning procedure using specific products that can cause damage in inexperienced hands.

Your carpets are subject to different levels of soiling in different areas throughout the building. Reception areas and walkways, for example, are likely to require cleaning more often.

An unclean carpet can affect your employees’ health and they will not be able to give you their best, work up to their full potential and may even take off days. Yes, this will decrease your productivity and your business may suffer.

So not what you want, right? We are happy to offer you all a Carpet Cleaning service in the Brisbane area that is guaranteed to make you look at your carpets differently.

Using a variety of techniques, our expert technicians can improve the condition of even the most heavily soiled carpets, prolonging the life of the carpet and your budget.

After evaluating the level and type of staining on the carpet, we will select the correct cleaning agents and processes to achieve the best results. Stains are then spot treated with unique stain removal products. This can also be supplied to your cleaning staff to use on stains as and when they appear.

Spot removal is a key component to a professional carpet clean, knowing the type of spillage (coffee, tea, soup, fizzy drinks, chewing gum) and the correct spot remover to break down the soilage can be the difference between success and failure.

The price of carpet restoration and deep cleaning services usually are based on the size of the area treated and the level of restoration work required.

How to prepare your office for a visit from the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

Hiring commercial carpet cleaners is a great way to cut down on the several pounds of soil that can accumulate under carpets each year, as well as indoor allergens, mold and dust mites that can inhabit uncleaned rugs.

If you run a business with carpets, you should have them cleaned evry 12-18 months. In order to prepare for a visit from your commercial carpet cleaners, there are a few things you can do:

* Vacuum your carpet before our carpet cleaners get there. This will help the cleaners get right to work and give you more thorough, lasting clean. You should also clear vehicles from your property’s driveway, if it has one. This gives the professional carpet cleaners a place to park their vans or trucks with easy access to an entrance. Make sure to avoid blocking in any vehicles, in case someone has to leave while the cleaners are still there.
* Any blinds or curtains that touch the floor should be pinned up, as well as any upholstered furniture or trailing tablecloths. This will keep them from being damaged by strong cleaning solutions or carpet cleaning equipment. On the off chance you have an office pet, you should put them somewhere quiet where the loud sounds of cleaning won’t disturb them.
* If it is possible, try to remove as much furniture from the room being cleaned as you can. It is hard to relocate office equipment, especially if cubicles are permanently installed, but you can at least remove rolling chairs and make sure personal belongings and computer towers are up off the floor. If you would like us to include furniture moving in our services, be sure to ask about it if you don’t want to move things yourself. Secure any breakable items first, especially if they are expensive or precarious.
* When our carpet and rug cleaners arrive, point out any specific stains or spots you would like to see removed, especially if you think they may require heavier duty techniques. Let our carpet cleaners know about any fragile furniture as well, in case they have to move something.

Our Professional 5-star carpet cleaners will give you all the information you need to prepare, but make sure you are proactive in preparing your house for their arrival.

How your professional carpet cleaners will clean the office area?

  1. A good dry vacuum is necessary to remove all dry soilage. Our most common method of carpet cleaning is the Steam cleaning method, but we also offer a Dry carpet cleaning service for more delicate carpets.
  2. Use commercial grade pile lifting equipment for ultimate soilage removal
  3. Spot removal on the worst stains
  4. Identify the right system or a combination of systems for the carpet and environment
  5. Deep Clean all areas required and repeat as necessary in high traffic areas
  6. Further spot removal where required
  7. Final vacuum
  8. Inspection of all areas cleaned

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