Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our Company offers residential carpet cleaning services in Brisbane and take pride in providing quick and effective cleaning solutions.

They will clean and restore deeply soiled carpets and areas and will use the most appropriate cleaning method for your carpets. These include dry cleaning, hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, and others. Dry cleaning is the best choice when color fastness is an issue. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is used for many types of carpets and is a deep cleaning technique. Bonnet cleaning is a good option for short-piled carpets and is considered a less aggressive technique.

Our cleaners offer exceptional services and use superior equipment and cleaning products using eco-friendly products only, they will clean all stains, oils spots, and dirt that have been sitting on your carpets for months and they will pre-spray heavy traffic and stained areas to make it easier to remove grime and dirt. Then the powerful cleaning solutions will be used to break up debris and dirt bacteria. These cleaning solutions are very effective and don’t require large amounts of water. Thus, your carpet will dry quickly.

Spotclean Services provide residential carpet cleaning services Brisbane. Our professional cleaners are excellent trained and use special extraction equipment to remove dust and pollutants and clean your carpet fibers. Whether you live in a house or flat, you can rely on our cleaning staff.

Residential carpet cleaning  is an effective solution for stain and odor removal. We will deal with different types of stains and will remove the toughest coffee, glue, and wine stains. The carpet-dwelling bacteria will be eliminated and removed quickly and effectively by the  bio-enzymes in our cleaning solutions.This solutions are also safe for children, pets and the environment.

Residential carpet cleaning is one of our biggest tasks. Your home’s carpet is not just walked on, it is played on, lived on and enjoyed by your whole family. And maybe even the family pet, too!

Keeping the flooring clean is essential to your family’s health. Allergens, bacteria and general dirt and grim can build up quickly. Even if there are few stains on the carpet, it is still full of hidden dirt that you can’t see. Our professional steam clean can make your carpets brand new again. And, you can rest easy knowing that all those unseen bacteria have been eliminated.

Here are great tips to maximize the effectiveness of your next carpet cleaning:

1. Remove all clutter from your carpet. Being diligent about removing loose items like kid’s toys, tv remotes, throw rugs will ensure that every inch of your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Spotclean’s Carpet Cleaning professionals are thorough. However, you can help maximize your results be creating a clear, easy to access space in any carpeted areas.

2. Remove any light furniture. If it is easy to lift and move aside, then do so. Moving lighter pieces of furniture allows our certified professionals to get every nook and cranny of your carpeted surface. Most people have bulky furniture remain in place as that carpet doesn’t not get as much traffic as other areas. However, removing lighter furniture from the room allows for the cleaning to be even more thorough.

3. Inform us ahead of time of any tough stains or damaged areas. By identifying problem areas in advanced, our skilled carpet cleaners can easily treat them using special techniques and equipment. We can also repair damaged rugs and carpets as well.
4. Make sure pets are in a secure area. Be sure to keep your family pet in another area during steam cleaning and carpet cleaning. Although, Spotclean Services uses safe cleaning agents, it is best for furry friends to remain tucked safely out of the way. On the day of the carpet cleaning, be sure to arrange another place for your loyal buddy to hang out.
5. Protect surface areas nearby or close to the carpet. It is vital that you protect surfaces near the carpet that will be cleaned. Baseboards, wood floors and other items near the carpet can be easily taped up with painters tape. This avoids any spill over from chemicals onto other areas. Our experts use the utmost care when cleaning, but it is still a great idea to tape up any nearby surfaces.

Once you are ready to have your carpets cleaned, call our professionals at Spotclean Services. We will get you set up and ready to go in no time!

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We believe in providing quality services at affordable prices. We strive to provide outstanding service with consistency and commitment.

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