Residential & Commercial Carpet Clean

At Spotclean services, before commencing work.

Whether it be a residential carpet or a commercial carpet clean, we filled out a pre-inspection and fibre identification report that help us to ascertain the best method to use when setting about cleaning. it is highly important to know as much as you can about the fibre content to ascertain the best techniques, chemicals and temperature ranges to use.

There are lots of methods available in the market to clean carpets but at Spotclean Services, we are using hot water extraction or steam clean method which is nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fibre producers recommend.

We always follow five principle of carpet cleaning :

  • 1. Dry Vacuuming.
  • 2. Soil Suspension.
  • 3. Suspended Soil Extraction or Rinsing.
  • 4. Finishing or Grooming carpet.
  • 5. Drying.